Saturday, February 8, 2020

Literature review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Literature review Example The management as well as the juniors or subordinates look up to the mangers as leaders. Managers are not only expected to perform their tasks but are also expected to make sure that the subordinates are carrying out their tasks efficiently. Although there has been much debate about difference between a leader and a manager, it goes without saying that a good manger has to be a good leader. One of the critical aspects of the responsibilities of a manger is to come up with results within the stipulated time. This study therefore will focus on the key traits or qualities of the manger, putting special emphasis on the time management skills. Qualities of a good manager Personal Characteristics Self Motivation: A good manager cannot motivate him/herself, if the manager him/herself is not self-motivated. Many believe that to be a good manager, one has to learn to gain the workers trust. People trust a good manager as he/she may have personal integrity. A good manager should be seen as rel iable both by the superiors and subordinates. Confidence is the key. A good manager should have confidence in him. This is reflected while making decisions. Also, a confident manager is likely to show confidence in his team also. A manager has to stay strong under the pressure. If a manager is vulnerable to pressure, then the whole team is likely to crumble. Over all, a manager should be a good leader. Managers quite often need to play the role of a mediator. Sometimes a manager may have to play the role of a fire-fighter. It could be to solve a conflict between workers, between workers and employers, and between workers and customers. A manager may be the leader of a pack. But he/she is very much a part of the team. Therefore, a manager must be a very good team member and should have respect for others. Finally, a manger has to communicate and coordinate not only with own team but also with other departments also (Armstrong, 2011, p.15). Business Characteristics A manager should ha ve thorough knowledge about the respective industry. The manager is also supposed to pass the knowledge to the other team members. A good manager should know that some of the tasks may need to be delegated. One should be able to recognize the right person for the right job. A good manager should have the knowledge of business hierarchy and follow the required chain of command. A good manger may not need to be an expert in law, but one should have the basic notion of business or corporate law. Communication Skills One of the major qualities of a manger is the ability to communicate effectively. One should know how to communicate in writing. A good manager should have the ability to write professionally and with correct grammar as one has to write memos, e-mails, minutes of the meeting quite effectively. A good manager should have excellent verbal communication ability. Managers are required to conduct training sessions as well provide presentations; hence, verbal communication is as important as written communication. One of the most important communication skills, if not the most important, is listening. A manger should have good listening skills as he has to listen to the superiors, worker and the customers also (Kotler, 2011, p.73). Time Management Skills for a successful manager According to

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