Sunday, January 5, 2020

Leadership Styles Of Capt. Ramius And Dr. Ryans...

1. Identity the leadership styles of Capt. Ramius and Dr. Ryan? a. Capt. Ramius’ leadership style i. Autocratic leadership ii. Transactional leadership iii. Pseudo- transformational b. Dr. Ryan’s Leadership style i. Task-oriented leadership ii. Servant leadership iii. Relations-oriented leadership 2. Identify and describe the leadership skills Capt. Ramius displays? a. Technical skill - As an experienced submariner, and the person directly responsible for training his entire crew, Ramius is obviously skilled in most of the facets of running a submarine. b. Conceptual skill - Ramius is the only person who could have come up with the plan to defect from Russia in such a way that he would be able to leave his crew behind unscathed while taking his officers with him as he defects. The other members of the Russian Navy would never have dreamed of defecting, much less doing so in an experimental nuclear sub while being chased by both the Russian and American Navy. c. Why do these skills make him an effective leader? Captain Ramius is a very traditional leader, he earned his station through years of hard work, and his leadership style is based around being an authoritative leader who commands the respect of his subordinates. Ramius is very goal-oriented, he knows exactly what his vision is, how he will accomplish it, and who he can trust to serve him on the mission. Ramius demands complete loyalty from his officers in order to make his mission successful. His officers, in turn,

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